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Thread: Delta 22602 Planer

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    Default Delta 22602 Planer

    My trusty planer has developed a major problem….the table cracked! This is a Delta model #22602 (RC63N), purchased new in 1987. From the parts list that came with it the reference number is 220 and the Delta part number is 428-08-091-0002. I find a similar part on your very helpful web site, Delta part # 1330463. I am thinking that I’m really probably foolish to even think that a new table might be available but you know what they say….hope springs eternal in the human mind….. Am I dreaming or is help available?
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    Default Delta parts for a planer

    Good news! You are not dreaming....the original Delta part# 428080910002 (the website is sensitive with the dashes) is still available! (as of June 2009) It runs about $1431.81 plus shipping.
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